Airport Impact Relief, Inc. (AIR Inc.) is an East Boston based environmental group focused on mitigating the impacts of Boston’s Logan International Airport on the surrounding communities. From the Maverick Street protests in 1968 to this day, the neighborhood people who volunteer at AIR, Inc. have worked to reduce the negative airport impacts Logan International Airport has on East Boston and neighboring communities.

Airport Impacts→

Airport activity deeply impacts surrounding communities.

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution resulting from airport activity [impacts in this way.] Learn More →

Air Pollution

Air pollution resulting from airport activity leads to increased rates of COPD in adults and asthma in youths. Learn more →

Ground Access

Ground access to and from the airport [impacts in this way.] Learn more →

Climate Change

Greenhouse gases resulting from airport activity lead to climate change. Learn more →


Relief is available in the following forms.

Asthma & COPD Home Visiting Program

EBNHC’s Asthma/COPD Home Visiting Program is a no-cost program for patients with uncontrolled asthma or COPD. Learn More →

Sound Insulation

Massport’s Residential Sound Insulation neutralizes noise through double wall and ceiling treatments, replacement windows and doors, acoustical caulking and weather stripping. Learn More →

Air Purifiers

Improve your indoor air by filtering pollutants with an air purifier. Learn More →



Our campaigns unite the community on Airport Import Relief. Learn More →


Certain topics warrant commissioning reports. Learn More →


We routinely releases statements responding to Logan Airport public filings. Learn More →


Logan Airport Health Study

Links to the 2014 study. Learn More →

Airport Academy

Check out a series of videos about Airport Impact →

Logan Environmental Filings

Helpful info about Logan Environmental Filing. Learn More →